Photography Studio
Set in the heart of Hampshire the purpose build studio is the prefect place to let your creativity loose, in a practical and considered space with every conceivable high-end amenity.

The photographic studio offers...

Over 36m2 of infinity cove over 4m high, purpose build and designed overhead lighting gantry with 10m2 floating ceiling above. There are 18500 joules of Elinchrom studio flash lighting; consisting of 2 Hazy lights, Octa-light, fresnels and spots etc.

The Studio also provides medium-format digital 16-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) plate cameras with a resolution of over 100 mega-pixels as well as all the high-end equipment, lenses, lights and calibration to support and deliver your every possible requirement. 

The studio building comprises a 3m wide 5m high drive in entrance, the gallery overlooking the studio offering clients a meeting space and viewing area. Full model changing facilities are provided along with a toilet, shower/wet room and fully fitted kitchen. 

The studio is available to rent - contact us here for more information.